The energy efficiency projects aim to bring significant savings to users of energy, both electric and gas, among others. Through the use of efficient equipment, new technologies of electrical and electronic equipment, new lighting technologies, techniques for building insulation and efficient. Also suitable for evaluation and improvement of water heating systems and thermal comfort, such as cooling and heating.

Using efficient appliances and avoiding waste is possible to achieve significant savings while maintaining levels of thermal comfort, visual and lighting.

It is also possible to evaluate and develop systems for micro generation of electricity using photovoltaic technology, and / or micro-hydroelectric or wind generators to produce their own energy use in the building bringing great savings in energy consumption of network utilities.

In addition to cost savings for this type of project is also involved environmental gains, since the new electronic technologies and lighting components bring less polluting to the environment.

Project Development:

Assessment and Measurement Equipment Existing Lighting Systems and Thermal Comfort

Electrical System Evaluation and verification of possible improvements / problem correction

Evaluation of alternative more efficient equipment, new technologies and the possibility of its own generation

Submission of the Project Costs, Economic Projection and Feasibility financially and decision alternatives to be implemented

5° Equipment and products selection, suppliers selection and project implementation schedule

6° Equipment and products purchase and installation

Final checking and technical support


Concept of Energy Efficiency


The energy is used in simple devices (light bulbs and electric motors) or more complex systems that encompass other equipment (refrigerator, car or a factory).

These facilities and systems transform energy forms. A part of it always lost to the environment during this process. The concept of energy efficiency includes the measurement systems and changes in energy use to avoid waste and use more efficient appliances and have a lower energy cost. The benefits are many, minor equipment maintenance, economics, ecological aspects.


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